8 Things to Know About Comfort Laser Dentistry in Corpus Christi, TX

Laser dentistry in Corpus Christi

Painless Laser Dentistry in Corpus Christi

Almost every innovation in the history of dentistry came about for the sole purpose of providing more comfortable and effective treatment to people with oral health issues—including those who suffer from dental anxiety.

You may be surprised to know that the number of people who experience dental anxiety is quite high. It’s estimated that between 50% and 80% of all American adults suffer from some level of dental anxiety.

Fortunately, with the advent of the dental laser, many of the elements of dental treatment that cause anxiety, such as noisy drilling and anesthesia injections, have been eliminated from many treatments.

If you experience dental anxiety or tend to avoid treatment because of discomfort and recovery time, take a look at these eight things you should know about comfort laser dentistry and how it is making painless dentistry possible:

1. It’s versatile.

There are two different kinds of lasers in laser dentistry: soft tissue and hard tissue. They can be used in a variety of different treatments, from removing decay and old metal fillings to treating gum disease and ulcers.

These lasers can even sterilize infected roots and heal fever blisters and canker sores, as well as shape teeth and lengthen crowns. Additionally, they can benefit dental implant placement.

Not only are lasers useful for all of these treatments, but they also have the ability to make the treatments faster, more effective, less uncomfortable, and easier to recover from. With lasers, your teeth can be desensitized too.

2. It’s accurate.

One of the biggest reasons discomfort and inflammation are present in many dental treatments is that the drills and other tools can cause residual damage to the areas of the mouth surrounding the treated area.

Laser dentistry is more accurate than these tools, reducing the amount of damage to surrounding areas and improving the efficacy of treatment.

3. It causes less discomfort.

It may seem clear to those with dental anxiety that a no-drill dentist is less likely to cause discomfort in their patients during treatment, but you might actually be surprised at all of the ways in which lasers can offer a more comforting experience.

This technology is less invasive, more precise, faster, and it can also help keep the mouth sterilized. From beginning to end, it’s a far more comfortable experience.

4. It allows for faster recovery.

With a less invasive procedure, the recovery time is going to be shorter and more comfortable. Such is the case with laser dentistry, and even more so at Orchard Dental Associates.

At Orchard Dental Associates, we use a technique called photobiomodulation. This laser dental technique increases the tensile strength of tissue, improves the speed and quality of tissue repair, and reduces postoperative discomfort and inflammation.

5. It provides a reduced need for sutures.

It’s not exactly fun to have sutures placed in your mouth following a dental procedure. With the help of laser technology, the need for this aspect of treatment has been greatly reduced.

The lasers improve blood clotting, which encourages quicker healing and means that your dentist will be less likely to need to suture anything during your procedure.

6. It lessens the need for anesthesia.

The needles required for anesthesia are one of the biggest causes of dental anxiety. This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, as anesthesia happens to be one of the best ways to reduce dental anxiety. However, anesthesia isn’t always necessary with laser dental treatments. Anesthesia-free laser dentistry means no drills and no needles.

7. It means less bleeding.

Some patients are upset by the sight of blood, which can lead them to avoid getting the dental treatment they need.

It is important not to avoid dental treatment when you need it because it causes more invasive procedures to be required in the future. Laser dentistry can help you get the treatment you need by reducing the amount of blood involved with the procedure.

8. It reduces the chance of infection.

There’s a chance that a dental procedure can result in infection if bacteria is allowed to collect around the healing area. However, with laser dentistry, bacteria is eliminated from the area while the treatment is performed, greatly reducing the odds of an infection occurring.

Lasers can also be used to sterilize an infected tooth root during a root canal procedure, reaching areas that are difficult to access with other tools.

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