Full Mouth Restoration

Do you need bone grafting?

What Is Bone Grafting, and Why Do I Need It?

The term “bone grafting” might sound a bit intimidating—we’ve all cringed at the thought of skin grafts. But in dentistry, bone grafting isn’t as scary as it seems. It’s a surgical procedure to repair and rebuild diseased or damaged bones. So, why might you need it? Let’s demystify bone grafting, exploring when and how this…
Understanding full mouth reconstruction.

The Art of Full Mouth Reconstruction: Restoring Function and Aesthetics

Getting Your Smile Back With Full Mouth Reconstruction A PubMed study revealed impressive results in dental rehabilitation: a 97.9% dental implant survival rate and enhanced patient satisfaction within six months of treatment.  This study highlights the power of full mouth reconstruction, a comprehensive approach to simultaneously restoring oral health, function, and aesthetics. Beyond the physical…
A full mouth restoration to make you smile

10 Dental Procedures That Could Be Part of Your Full Mouth Restoration

Restoring and Enhancing Your Smile When you have multiple concerns with your smile and oral health, you may benefit from a treatment that includes several procedures. Both a full mouth restoration and a smile makeover can accomplish this, but for different goals.  A full mouth restoration, or full mouth reconstruction, is a comprehensive treatment that…

Full Mouth Reconstruction Recovery: Healing After Major Dental Work

For major dental health problems, the best option is typically a full mouth reconstruction. Our Corpus Christi, TX restorative dentistry practice traitors that procedures to the patient to restore missing teeth, fix tooth fractures, improve periodontal health, and address major structural problems with the mouth. As you might imagine, the healing process for a full [...]