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Don't give up on your oral health resolutions.

Need Some Motivation for Those New Year’s Oral Health Resolutions?

It’s the time of year when people start promising themselves to make important changes in their lives and stick with them. But those New Year’s resolutions tend to fade come February, especially when it comes to breaking oral health habits that have long been the norm. Sometimes, all it takes is a little extra motivation…
New Year's resolutions for oral health.

Start With a Healthy Smile: 5 Oral Health Resolutions for the New Year

Why make oral health one of your New Year’s resolutions? Each year, 38.5% of U.S. adults set New Year’s resolutions, yet only about 9% manage to achieve them by year end. The challenge often results from setting overly ambitious or unrealistic goals. So to help you stick to enhancing your oral health in the new…
Reasons to be thankful for your oral health.

5 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your Oral Health This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, and as we gather around the table, let’s not forget the unsung hero of our well-being—oral health. It’s more than just clean teeth and fresh breath; it’s about overall wellness.  While historians debate turkey’s role at the first Thanksgiving, we can all agree on the importance of our oral…
Oral health on Halloween.

Sustain a Balanced Smile-Friendly Diet After the Halloween Treats

How to Combat Cavities this Halloween As October dawns, a sense of giddy anticipation fills the air. The much-anticipated Halloween season is upon us! It’s time for ghoulish costumes, eerie decorations, and most exciting of all—the sweet indulgence of Halloween candy. From gooey caramels to chocolate-coated delights, the sugary treats are a favorite for kids…
Tooth-friendly recipes for fall.

From Pumpkin Spice to Dental Nice: 5 Tooth-Friendly Fall Recipes You’ll Adore

Healthy and Tasty Autumnal Eats As the leaves start to change color and the air becomes crisp, our palates often crave the unique flavors that fall has to offer. But did you know you can enjoy these comforting, seasonal foods while also keeping your teeth healthy? Welcome to the world of tooth-friendly recipes for fall! …

Dental Exams for Seniors

As patients grow older, their dental needs begin to change. Patients can experience trouble chewing, loss of teeth, problems with dentures and bridgework, gum disease, and more. Dentists Robertson, Orchard, and George provide dental exams for seniors at our Corpus Christi, TX dental practice. During your appointment, our dentists thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, bones, and overall oral health to find any [...]

History of the Toothbrush and Toothpaste

People have long understood the connection between oral hygiene habits and a healthy and attractive smile. Our dentists, Dr. Charles A. Robertson and Dr. Nicholas Perry Orchard, educate patients of all ages on the importance of good oral hygiene habits. Modern-day toothbrushes and toothpastes rely on sound engineering and medical advances to optimally clean the [...]

Bad Dental Habits: Some Activities That You Should Avoid for a Great Smile

The team at Robertson and Orchard D.D.S. is committed to helping patients throughout Corpus Christi achieve beautiful smiles and good overall health and wellness. This is often achieved through general dentistry procedures focused on maintaining the health of the teeth and gums. Part of good general dentistry is prevention. We want to look at some [...]

Bad Breath Causes and Treatments: Dealing with Halitosis

At Robertson and Orchard, DDS in Corpus Christi, we know that good general dentistry involves proper treatment, prevention, and patient education. We abide by this approach for all patients and hope to give them the smiles that they have always wanted. With that in mind, we want to look at some common causes of bad [...]

Protect Your Teeth from Tooth Erosion: Causes and Treatment

Tooth erosion, the loss of tooth enamel, is something everyone is susceptible to. Tooth erosion is caused by a number of factors that can all lead to toothaches, cavities, and even tooth loss. Once enamel is damaged, it will not repair itself. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk of [...]