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5 Important Facts You Should Know About CEREC Same Day Crowns

No More Waiting For Crowns The dental crown is one of the best ways to treat significant tooth decay or damage, and it can change your life for the better. That’s why dentists provided an average of 13 crowns per month in 2016. With 200,419 dentists in America, that comes out to about 31 million…
Same day crowns in Corpus Christi

7 Top Benefits of Same Day Dental Crowns in Corpus Christi, Texas

How long does a crown procedure take? You may have several questions if your dentist tells you that you need a dental crown. But even more so, you are likely wondering how much time you will need to take away from work and your busy schedule to get to the dentist for multiple appointments. Thankfully,…

Improve Your Smile with Dental Crowns for the Front Teeth

Imperfections or damage to the front teeth can make your smile look less than perfect. Fortunately, dental crowns can help improve the health and appearance of the teeth for a picture-perfect smile.  Drs. Charles A. Robertson and Nicholas Perry Orchard offer dental crowns for front teeth at their practice in Corpus Christi, TX. They use advanced [...]

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Tooth decay and dental damage compromise the strength and function of a tooth, and may cause significant discomfort. When damage is minor, a filling should suffice to restore the integrity of the tooth. However, more advanced decay or trauma will likely require a dental crown. Dental crowns restore and protect the crown of a tooth [...]

Sensitivity After Dental Crown Treatment

Teeth that are severely damaged or decayed can be capped and repaired thanks to dental crowns. Whether made from metal or tooth-colored ceramic materials, dental crowns restore a patient’s smile and prevent more serious dental problems from occurring. Dr. Charles A. Robertson and Dr. N. Perry Orchard have helped countless Corpus Christi, TX patients thanks [...]

The Causes behind Damaged Dental Crowns

At our Corpus Christi dental office, we want to help you protect your teeth by whatever means necessary. For smaller cavities, dental fillings are often the best method of treatment. But when a tooth has been severely weakened by decay or other damage, dental crowns may be necessary to restore the tooth’s health and functionality. [...]

The Need for Dental Crowns after a Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a proven procedure that can end the discomfort of an infected tooth and dental root. In many cases, it may be the only way to save the remaining healthy structure of your tooth. Your dentist will remove all bacteria and debris from the inner chamber and root canals, and he will [...]