Month: June 2023

Don't live with obstructive sleep apnea

What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and What Are the Best Treatment Options?

Put an end to snoring and those sleepless nights. Most people have heard of sleep apnea, but many don’t quite know what it is, why it happens, and how to  treat it. Misconceptions about this condition point to it being a very obvious sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing, but in reality, sleep…
Invisalign FAQs

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Clear Aligners

Learn More About Invisalign Treatment Roughly 15% of Americans have orthodontic problems severe enough to negatively affect the health and function of their teeth and jaws. Dentists estimate that closer to 50% have cosmetic problems that would ideally be treated with orthodontic care. Braces remain the most popular solution across all ages, but Invisalign is…
What does tooth extraction mean for me

Tooth Extraction: When Is it Necessary and Is it the End of Your Beautiful Smile?

Why Damaged Teeth Can’t Always Be Saved You rely on your dentists to save your teeth from decay, gum disease, and damage, so it can be a shock to find out you have one or more teeth that need to be extracted. Although the idea of having a tooth pulled can leave you feeling uneasy,…
Implant dentist in Corpus Christi

10 Things To Know About Getting Implants From Your Corpus Christi Dentist

Important Facts About Dental Implants Missing teeth are a frustrating but common problem millions of adults face. Dental bridges and dentures have filled gaps in peoples’ smiles for decades, but dental implants have rapidly become the new standard in permanent tooth replacement options for some very good reasons. Here are the top 10 facts you…