Month: January 2023

Same day crowns in Corpus Christi

7 Top Benefits of Same Day Dental Crowns in Corpus Christi, Texas

How long does a crown procedure take? You may have several questions if your dentist tells you that you need a dental crown. But even more so, you are likely wondering how much time you will need to take away from work and your busy schedule to get to the dentist for multiple appointments. Thankfully,…
Know the signs of gum disease

5 Key Warning Signs of Gum Disease to Watch For

When you plan a trip to the dentist or think about scheduling one, you probably think about your teeth and worry about whether you have any cavities. But, did you know that oral health is about more than just your teeth? Your gums play a significant role in your oral health. And unhealthy gums can…
Enjoy spring in Corpus Christi

8 Beautiful Places to Visit in the Spring in Corpus Christi, Texas

Spring is a fantastic time to visit Corpus Christi. Couples and families can enjoy comfortable temperatures in the mid-to-high 70s, when it’s warm enough to indulge in the sun but cool enough for a day full of fun-filled adventures. And for locals, there are always new things to do; not to mention those tried-and-true do-over…
Dental implant restoration can make your life better

6 Top Ways Dental Implant Restorations Can Transform Your Entire Life

The health of our mouths and smiles is critical to our overall health. But many patients don’t stop and think about why. And it’s pretty simple. When our mouths are in poor health—cavities in our teeth, gum disease, or otherwise—it can also impact the rest of our bodies. Bad oral health is directly correlated with…