Month: September 2020

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

Millions of individuals experience some level of dental fear or anxiety. In fact, research states that up to 20 percent of Americans forego dental care due to extreme fear. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help alleviate anxiety and help patients relax during treatment. Drs. Charles A. Robertson and N. Perry Orchard offer sedation dentistry for dental [...]

Improve Your Smile with Dental Crowns for the Front Teeth

Imperfections or damage to the front teeth can make your smile look less than perfect. Fortunately, dental crowns can help improve the health and appearance of the teeth for a picture-perfect smile.  Drs. Charles A. Robertson and Nicholas Perry Orchard offer dental crowns for front teeth at their practice in Corpus Christi, TX. They use advanced [...]

Dental Exams for Seniors

As patients grow older, their dental needs begin to change. Patients can experience trouble chewing, loss of teeth, problems with dentures and bridgework, gum disease, and more. Dentists Robertson, Orchard, and George provide dental exams for seniors at our Corpus Christi, TX dental practice. During your appointment, our dentists thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, bones, and overall oral health to find any [...]